Nathan Hystad

Nathan Hystad

Nathan Hystad is an author from outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He lives there with his wife, dog, and piles of books. When he isn’t working on his novel, he is writing short fiction, where he explores many themes and genres. One moment he may be haunted by a ghost, and the next aliens may be forcing him to dig up their ancestral bones. 





His new publishing company Woodbridge Press is releasing its first book ‘The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel’ spring 2016.

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The First Colony – Survival

July 15, 2149, Hawking From the air Karen could see the cliff walls opening up to reveal a large weapon. Even a mile away she could hear the noise of the rock grating and hoped the sound wouldn’t impede the incoming transmission. “Breena, did you send the message?” she asked … Continue reading

The First Colony – Plans

July 15, 2149, Hawking “Penner, we’re going to drop you off at the lift landing site. O’Sullivan and Cash, you two go with Penner and make sure you secure it as instructed,” Karen said, passing Penner a tablet. Soon they were lowering in a flat spot, previously decided upon. The … Continue reading

The First Colony – Truth

July 15, 2149, Hawking The foot of the massive lift was lowering from the skies as night approached, and they could see it from miles away. It seemed Carne was planning on getting the people transported to the surface quickly. At least that meant the Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinta … Continue reading

The First Colony – Rescue

July 15, 2149, Hawking Grant noticed the lander flying toward him just when he was sure his life was almost over. A massive shot of adrenaline coursed through him as he now had hope of survival. The lander turned and softly settled down two hundred yards ahead of his current … Continue reading

The First Colony – Translation

July 15, 2149, Hawking Karen looked around the decimated lander and searched for any sign of Grant. His supplies were gone, along with the picture of his daughter that she knew he took on every flight. Everything he would need to survive a new world for at least a few … Continue reading

The First Colony – Broadcast

July 15, 2149, Hawking Grant ducked and hoped he’d been fast enough to avoid being spotted. He knew there were dozens of the monstrous beasts in the hollowed out cavern, and he had no idea what direction they would come at him from. His stun-gun sat uneasily in his now … Continue reading

The First Colony – Lair

July 14, 2149 – Seeker – Solar System Outer Limits The Seeker had reached astronomical speeds, but the problem with the technology was it couldn’t just slow down with out ripping the ship apart. The deceleration process took light years, and Karen was told it was much like a speeding … Continue reading

The First Colony – Tracking

July 15, 2149, Hawking Beads of sweat poured down Grant’s back as the sun beat down mercilessly. He’d been travelling all day in the heat, trying to track the creature that had been at his lander. At this point he had no idea if the tracks he sporadically saw were … Continue reading

The First Colony – Departure

July 11, 2149 – Seeker. Earth’s Orbit. “We are all set to go Commander,” First Officer Penner said, hands hovering over the ship’s controls. Karen took one last look out the viewport at Earth and said a silent prayer for the people they were leaving behind. “Hail the Santa Maria, … Continue reading

The First Colony – First Contact

July 13, 2149, Hawking Cold morning air blew inside the cavern opening, throwing drops of rain all the way to where Grant was huddled in the corner. He opened and closed his hands in a vain attempt at warming them up. The storm had raged all night, and judging by … Continue reading