Arthur M. Doweyko

Arthur M. DoweykoAs a scientist, Arthur authored 100+ publications, and shares the 2008 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for the discovery of Sprycel, an anti-cancer drug. He writes hard science fiction, fantasy and horror. His debut novel, Algorithm, a story about DNA and the purpose of humanity, garnered a 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) and was published by E-Lit Books in 2014.

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Chris Penycate

“OK, I’ll own up – I’m not really a writer- I’m a sound engineer, a technician, and we all know what this means culturally and traditionally; yer av’rage roadie has a vocabulary of about three hundred words, most of which are not family friendly, right?

But not me, eh? Too much vocabulary, grammar… How can I avoid writing?
So I didn’t.”


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Christian Nash

Christian NashI am a fantasy author. The darker, the better. No frills, action packed fantasy with a twist of technology and magic. You can’t beat a massive sword! The bigger, the better. I write what I’d like to read, what David Gemmell inspired me to do, and what Mark Lawrence gave me to courage to try.

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D.A. Xiaolin Spires

D.A. Xiaolin Spires steps into portals and reappears in sites such as Hawaiʻi, NY, various parts of Asia and elsewhere, with her keyboard appendage attached.

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Damaris Browne

Damaris Browne is a former solicitor whose ancestors include Spanish aristocrats, Somerset horse-dealers, numerous soldiers of various ranks from private to general, and one wife-murderer.

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DG Jones

DG JonesDG Jones lives in Essex, and currently works in the field of space robotics, which comes in pretty handy when it comes to thinking of ideas for new SF stories.

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E.J. Tett

E.J. TettE.J. Tett was born in Somerset, England, in the 80s. She grew up in a little village and then moved to a town where she still lives, but from which she soon hopes to escape.

She left school at sixteen, studied Animal Care and Photography at college and now owns a dog called Beau and takes many photos of many things. Mainly the dog.

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Gary McKay

Gary McKayGary McKay is a speculative fiction writer from Northern Ireland. He studied at the University of Ulster for four years, graduating with a first from a Bachelor of Arts in English and obtaining a Master of Research.

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Gwendolyn Kiste

Gwendolyn KisteGwendolyn Kiste is a speculative fiction writer based in Pennsylvania.

Her stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Nightmare Magazine, Shimmer, Flash Fiction Online, LampLight, and Three-Lobed Burning Eye as well as Flame Tree Publishing’s Chilling Horror Short Stories anthology.

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Helen French

Helen FrenchHelen French is a full-time writer, book hoarder, TV-soaker-upper, and biased parent. She also looks after digital projects (from websites to webinars) on a part-time basis.

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Jeremy Biggs

Jeremy BiggsJeremy Biggs is the author of cyberpunk series Metal Made Flesh. He is an artist, musician, and writer of comics and illustrated stories. His work is self-published under Subversive Media.

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Jo Zebedee

Jo ZebedeeJo Zebedee was bitten by the writing bug in 2010, and has been writing ever since.

Much of that writing time has been dedicated to her space-fantasy trilogy based on the fictional world of Abendau. She has also had Earth invaded by aliens who are confronted by the Irish, and discovered a girl who sees fairies that might, or might not, be real.

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Joachim Heijndermans

Joachim HeijndermansJoachim Heijndermans is an artist and writer from the Netherlands, currently living in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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John Frochio

John A FrochioBorn in the middle of the twentieth century, John A. Frochio grew up and lives among the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania (in a little community called New Brighton) in the United States. He loves living in the country while working in the city (Pittsburgh). For a living, he designs, develops and installs computer automation systems for steel mills.

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John J Brady

John J BradyJohn J Brady writes science fiction and fantasy stories in the far north-west corner of Ireland.

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Juliana S Mills

Juliana S MillsJuliana Spink Mills moved from England to Brazil at the age of eight, which probably explains her love of stories that take the reader through rabbit holes or wardrobes and into strange, new worlds.

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Kenneth O’Brien

Kenneth O’BrienKenneth O’Brien lives and works in Scotland. He is primarily a writer of Horror but, every now and then, likes to dip his toes into the swelling seas of both Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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Kerry Buchanan

Kerry Buchanan is a retired vet, stable hand, carer and dreamer who wrote her first novel in 2014. She has numerous short stories published online and in print and has occasionally been lucky enough to win prizes.

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L. P. Melling

L. P. Melling currently writes from the East of England, UK, having lived around the country.

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Liz Powell

Liz PowellLiz Powell is a fantasy author from Kent, England.

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Mark Huntley-James

Mark Huntley-James was born in Bristol and now lives on a small farm in Cornwall with his partner and a menagerie of cats, poultry and sheep. In getting from B to C, he gained a PhD in Physics, worked in R&D and then financial software, as well as doing the usual mundane things like traditional English clog dance, amateur theatre stage crew, keeping bees, historical re-enactment with the English Civil War Society and writing science-fiction and fantasy.

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Mark Mills

Mark Mills received his M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati.

He teaches composition, literature, film, philosophy, and basic Noa robotic and has published work in Grievous Angel, Tor.com, Short StoryAmerica, Bards and Sages Quarterly, and several other publications.

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Martin M. Clark

Martin M. Clark is a freelance writer and occasional poet.

He is the author of supernatural noir novellas formally produced by Eggplant Literary Productions (now sadly defunct) and short stories in Third Flatiron anthologies. He also contributes to several online publications.

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Martin Owton

Martin OwtonMartin Owton is a UK-based writer of SF and F. His short fiction has appeared in many publications including Black Gate, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine and Nowa Fantastyka (Poland).

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Nathan Hystad

Nathan HystadNathan Hystad grew up in a small Canadian prairies town. From a young age he loved reading and wanted to be a writer. He moved to Edmonton, Alberta when he was eighteen and lived there until he recently moved to a surrounding city with his beautiful wife and wiggly cocker spaniel.

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Rosie Oliver

Rosie OliverAfter gaining a maths degree from Oxford University, Rosie started her 30-plus years career in engineering. She is now what they call a systems engineer.

As a child, she discovered the shelves of yellow hardback Gollancz science fiction books at her local library, and she was hooked.

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Roy Gray

Roy GrayRoy Gray lives in Macclesfield, Cheshire.
His ‘bibliography’ comprises a few short stories and some poetry. Roy has a namesake who writes erotic poetry which can be found online so maybe you should be careful if you Google Roy Gray.

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Samanda R. Primeau

Samanda R. PrimeauSamanda R. Primeau (it’s pronounced “Sam” – the rest is silent) is a jack-of-all-trades (or rather, jill) who has been, at one time or another, everything from a country radio DJ to a poker dealer to a pet store manager, but hopes to be just a writer when (if) she grows up.

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Samuel Poots

Samuel Poots is a writer from N. Ireland who communicates primarily through Pratchett quotes. He works as the content editor for the tabletop gaming website OnTableTop and assures everyone that playing board games is a real job, really.

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Sarah Hovorka

Sarah HovorkaSarah Hovorka writes lots of stuff. Unlike Goldilocks, every genre she tries feels just right. While children’s literature is her primary focus she can’t resist writing speculative fiction and occasionally memoir for adults.

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Stephen Palmer

Stephen PalmerStephen Palmer is the author of eight published novels, including Memory Seed and Glass (Orbit), Muezzinland, and Urbis Morpheos (PS Publishing).

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Stuart Suffel

Stuart SuffelStuart Suffel’s body of ‘work’ includes stories published by Jurassic London, Evil Girlfriend Media, Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine and Aurora Wolf among others.
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Susan Boulton

Susan BoultonMy name is Susan Boulton and like the song by The Police says, I was born in the 50’s and I had the unusual distinction of arriving into this world 200 yards from where, 37 years before, Tolkien spent time thinking about hobbits.

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Tanja Bisgaard

Tanja BisgaardTanja Bisgaard was born in Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Brazil and Norway, and now lives in Denmark. A born globetrotter, she has studied and worked in several countries, and has travelled to many more.
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Thaddeus White

Thaddeus WhiteThaddeus White is a speculative fiction author who writes fantasy, fantasy-comedy, sci-fi, steampunk and the odd ghost story.

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William Delman

William’s work can be found in Daily Science Fiction, Little Blue
Marble, The Arcanist, Kraxon, New Orbit, House of Zolo, The Centropic Oracle, New Myths, Write Ahead/The Future Looms, and many other fine publications.

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