Rosie Oliver

Rosie Oliver

After gaining a maths degree from Oxford University, Rosie started her 30-plus years career in engineering. She is now what they call a systems engineer.

As a child, she discovered the shelves of yellow hardback Gollancz science fiction books at her local library, and she was hooked. When she ran out of books to read, she started writing it. This led onto her doing an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. (Well, it is an ‘engineering solution’ to improving one’s writing!)

Rosie has had several short stories published in various magazines and anthologies. Her series of novelettes about a self-learner robo-cat, simply called C.A.T., is e-published by TWB Press… mrrooowww!

* Winner of the 2016 Story of the Year Award for Cyber Control *

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Explorations: Through the Wormhole by Woodbridge PressExplorations: Through the Wormhole by Woodbridge Press

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A Liking for Lichen

Christmas Eve morning and it is good to be alive. Rudolph, the twenty-seventh reindeer of that name and the twenty-sixth generation since the great legend, prances out of the barn to his personal manger for his annual treat. His favourite lichen, the one that makes his nose glow red, is … Continue reading

Bat Crazy

Evening darkness thickens its veil over the cloudless sky as the Earth’s heat drives the bats zigzagging higher. Nothing Greg can do about them, except hope they will not cut across his photo. He will have just one chance to snap his dream picture of H-Line’s new hyper-plane on its … Continue reading


Manoeuvre thrusters start up to turn Talfryn’s spacecraft back. He hasn’t touched his nav controls or pre-programmed the autopilot to return to Oberon. This is a hacking job. Panic hits him. He switches to the backup nav to reverse the course change. No response. That kind of override means an … Continue reading

Decision Required

The Council’s vote was in. It was a tie. She, being the Chair, has the casting vote and a devastating decision to make. A responsibility she definitely does not want but cannot now avoid. She rereads the summary for the umpteenth time, though she knows it by heart. With all … Continue reading

Iceborne, Earth-born

The safety pod’s almost completely circular bench is hard and there is no room to stand up with the table in its otherwise empty centre. Detective Torvinne Bergholm has to find a distraction from the discomfort. She ups a holographic screen from the seam in her spacesuit’s forearm and stops … Continue reading

The Courage of Care

My workday was unusually frustrating: more robo-carers needed urgent repairs; human carers asked for more help for clients whose condition had worsened; and the turnover of contract carers had gone into a spin with so many colds and flu bugs about. But I was managing, just. And I had to … Continue reading

Cyber Control

* Winner of the 2016 Story of the Year Award * I am numb, paralysed from the neck down. Strangers over-ooze sympathy when they hear the word: quadriplegic. Family and friends avoid me, too embarrassed that they can stand on their own two feet. I hate this prison of false … Continue reading

Swept Away

‘So they’ve sent another nerd-head of a cybercriminal.’ Dan turned his back on the slouching youth to continue varnishing the window frame. ‘You calling me a dumb ass?’ ‘You’re the one having to do community service.’ He inspected his latest brush stroke for evenness in the varnish. ‘You don’t want … Continue reading

Flame of Desire

My mother clutched my hand as she lay under the wreck of the vehicle whose auto-steering had gone crazy. Pain etched heavy lines across her face. Her body trembled. She tugged at my hand for me to come closer. I bent my face over hers, trying to hold back the … Continue reading

Tyrell’s Flight

The experimental spacecraft’s dashboard fuzzed. Tyrell blinked. The blurriness remained. He flicked his spacesuit’s vitals onto his visor. All green and normal. Relieved, he breathed out. The vitals remained crisp. The fuzz was definitely vacuum-side. He wiped the outside of his visor. A thin ice layer crazed then shattered into … Continue reading