Joachim Heijndermans

Joachim HeijndermansJoachim Heijndermans is an artist and writer from the Netherlands, currently living in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

His work has previously been published in Nebula Rift, eFiction, New Realm, OMNI and Under the Bed, and is currently busy finishing his first children’s book.

In his spare time, he likes to paint, travel, read and collect rare toys.

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Shoot the White Ghost

I can hear it. About twenty metres up ahead, somewhere high in the trees. That caw. I renew my glamour hex to blend in with the thicket of the woods and slowly walk in its direction. I can feel that it’s close. A sound. Not its cry, but the groan … Continue reading

On the Tuo River

Self is on the Tuo River, among the reeds and the cold stream. A good river, from where the people and the organic animal specimens gain their daily needs. Self is its guardian. Self is the last line of defence against those who wish to harm the creatures who live … Continue reading

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And… play. Livestream is go. Five minutes from the deadline. It’s quiet on the feed, but that’s the usual traffic this early in the game. Any people that are on are prowlers, the ones who obsess about my technique over the actual closer. @thereathee: what model rifle is that? @skilleez67: … Continue reading


“You ready?” asks Miller, Alec, owner-prime and enhancer of my system.  He wants to tap my back, but when he sees his grease coated hands, he relents, not wanting to stain my exterior plating. “I am prepared,” I reply. “You remember what we talked about?  Dodge at all times.  All … Continue reading

Prototype 01: Rocket Raptor

“So what is it?” I asked Steven, as he stood there with his arms wide and grinning like an idiot, like he was P. T. Barnum or something. Steven and I have worked at Oberon Tec. for almost five years. To be fair, I don’t really know they guy. We … Continue reading