Jo Zebedee

Jo Zebedee

Jo Zebedee writes science fiction and fantasy, sometimes in a Space Opera world, sometimes on the streets of Belfast.

Her debut novel, Abendau’s Heir, the first of a trilogy, is available from Tickety Boo Press and Amazon. A dark space opera, it follows the chosen one’s quest and asks what it would demand to be that person.

“Zebedee can stand toe-to-toe with the pros.”
“Doesn’t just have peaks and troughs but mountains and canyons.”
“A writer to watch.”

When not writing she grows things, and runs after not-so-small-children.

* Winner of the 2014 Story of the Year Award for A Crime of Intelligence *

Website :

Abendau's Heir

(The Inheritance Trilogy Book 1)
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Sunset Over Abendau

(The Inheritance Trilogy Book 2)
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Abendau's Legacy

(The Inheritance Trilogy Book 3)
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Inish Carraig

Amazon UK
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Explorations: Through the Wormhole by Woodbridge PressExplorations: Through the Wormhole by Woodbridge Press

Amazon UK
Amazon US

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