William Delman

William’s work can be found in Daily Science Fiction, Little Blue
Marble, The Arcanist, Kraxon, New Orbit, House of Zolo, The Centropic
Oracle, New Myths, Write Ahead/The Future Looms, and many other fine

When he’s not working on a story, William can often be
found on Twitter at @DelmanWilliam, or on the mats at Fenix Brazilian
Jujitsu. He lives in Salem, MA, with his amazing wife, and daughter.

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The Buckminster Job

Hawthorn had two minutes. Once she triggered the static pulse and killed the electronic security measures, Lady Mella’s personal guards would be all over the ninety-eighth floor ASAP, not to mention the hotel’s private security. Hawthorn had been provided with Mella’s itinerary by Agent Stewart after the deal they’d made, … Continue reading

After Action

We’re halfway through dinner when the implant malfunctions. The dining room smells like roast chicken, garlic mash, and mushroom gravy as our father, drunk off one beer thanks to the cocktail of medications he’s on, tells us about the time he stabbed his brother with a fork over a potato. … Continue reading