William Delman

William Delman lives in The Witch City, Salem, Massachusetts, where he writes sci-fi, cli-fi, urban fantasy, speculative fiction, and even the odd poem. His work has been featured in Daily Science Fiction, Little Blue Marble, The Arcanist, The Massachusetts Review, The Literary Review, and many others.

When he’s not pecking away at his keyboard, William can often be found on the mats at Fenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in West Peabody, on Twitter at @DelmanWilliam, or doing laundry. He does a lot of laundry.

Credit for his photo goes to Tony Sacco at Sacco Photo.

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After Action

We’re halfway through dinner when the implant malfunctions. The dining room smells like roast chicken, garlic mash, and mushroom gravy as our father, drunk off one beer thanks to the cocktail of medications he’s on, tells us about the time he stabbed his brother with a fork over a potato. … Continue reading