Kerry Buchanan

Kerry BuchananI’ve had many jobs: from veterinary surgeon to computer teacher; veterinary sub-editor to stable hand, but now I’m retired, with all my children grown up, I’ve finally made time to write.

When I was a little girl, my father said to me, “Books are the doorway to other worlds. You can be a princess, a famous sportswoman, or a hero with a sword, just by opening a book and reading.” He was quite right, and now I try to write fiction that takes other readers to faraway places and exciting adventures.

What he didn’t tell me, because he didn’t know it, was that writing adventures is even more fun that reading about them. Dragons and magic, swords and sorcery, even the dark reaches of space — I love creating stories that propel the reader far beyond the ordinary.

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Eyes in the Shadows

The watcher was back, an unseen presence that sent prickles of warning racing across Eilish’s skin. The horse fidgeted and snatched at the bit until Eilish soothed her with a hand on her neck. ‘Easy, Lady. It’s just me being silly.’ She glanced at her wristwatch and turned for home … Continue reading

A Healing Touch

Dark blood flowed into the sand, a sluggish trail from the throat of a man in desert clothing. An unforgiving sun blazed in the sky, scavenger birds silhouetted as they circled over the body. Sitting her horse at the top of a dune, Iriyan suspected a trap, although nothing moved … Continue reading

The Survivor

We were not alone. I’d the sense not to speak my thoughts aloud this time. One more word and I would be disciplined at best, demoted at worst. Spencer had no patience with my hunches. When the screaming started, I was the only one to drop to the ground, pulling … Continue reading

Soul Ship

Pain erupted as the ibulex burned through my veins. Accelerating when it reached my heart, the drug fired into my arteries like a sling shot; an inferno deep inside my chest. When the agony subsided I saw from the deep impressions left by the restraints that my body had fought … Continue reading