Kerry Buchanan

Kerry BuchananKerry Buchanan is a retired vet, stable hand, carer and dreamer who wrote her first novel in 2014. She has numerous short stories published online and in print and has occasionally been lucky enough to win prizes – and the competitions weren’t even fixed.

Kerry has had short stories published online, in print magazines, and printed anthologies. She has been successful in several competitions, including a 1st place in Skypen (Blackstaff Press’s competition for new writers, now defunct), and runner-up in Haynet/Lavender and White’s equestrian-themed short story competition, as well as winner of the 2015 Special Submissions Window for Kraxon Magazine with The Survivor and third place in Kraxon Magazine’s short story of the year competition in 2014 with Soul Ship.

Recent publications include Matchgirls and Dementia Tremens in the Bangor Literary Journal, Only a Clockwork Heart in The Bramley anthology, published by Armagh Flash Fiction, and a couple of stories published by Page and Spine. She’s also had stories accepted for publication in anthologies by Inklings Press, Grimbold Books and Distaff, an all-female SF anthology due to be launched either at Worldcon Dublin or EuroCon, Belfast.

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Dusk ’til Dawn

The showy red coat looked bright and cheery from a distance, but up close the patched cloth indicated a dismal fairy on his uppers. “What the feck d’you think you’re doing?” the leprechaun screeched as I caught him by the ear, pinching firmly between thumb and forefinger to make sure … Continue reading

Scaly Feet

Grandmother rocked gently in front of the fire, humming under her breath as she knitted, deft fingers clicking and clacking as they did on every other night – but this time it was different. This time, her long skirt had twisted itself around her legs, bunching up to reveal her … Continue reading

The IXth

Such an inhospitable country. A few inches of soil over granite was barely enough to support the growth of straggly grass and the wild horned sheep that grazed there. One of them watched him now, from the top of a pile of damp grey rocks. Those yellow slitted eyes seemed … Continue reading

The Armada Tree

* Winner of the 2019 Story of the Year Award * Long, long ago, at the time of the grievous slaughter when great oaks were hewn to build King Philip’s ships, we fell. We were ripe and ready, our silky skins darkening to chestnut brown as we nestled in our … Continue reading

Eyes in the Shadows

The watcher was back, an unseen presence that sent prickles of warning racing across Eilish’s skin. The horse fidgeted and snatched at the bit until Eilish soothed her with a hand on her neck. ‘Easy, Lady. It’s just me being silly.’ She glanced at her wristwatch and turned for home … Continue reading

A Healing Touch

Dark blood flowed into the sand, a sluggish trail from the throat of a man in desert clothing. An unforgiving sun blazed in the sky, scavenger birds silhouetted as they circled over the body. Sitting her horse at the top of a dune, Iriyan suspected a trap, although nothing moved … Continue reading

The Survivor

We were not alone. I’d the sense not to speak my thoughts aloud this time. One more word and I would be disciplined at best, demoted at worst. Spencer had no patience with my hunches. When the screaming started, I was the only one to drop to the ground, pulling … Continue reading

Soul Ship

Pain erupted as the ibulex burned through my veins. Accelerating when it reached my heart, the drug fired into my arteries like a sling shot; an inferno deep inside my chest. When the agony subsided I saw from the deep impressions left by the restraints that my body had fought … Continue reading