The Tale of Shir Shaheen and the Caravanserai

“Rest now, O dear one, friend of friends. Rest and forget all thy cares, for I shall tell thee a tale of wonder – a tale of Shir Shaheen the fierce and terrible, lord of the desert waste, strong lion of the sands, swift falcon of the air. Shaheen, the greatest djinn that ever was or is or will be.”

The Tale of Shir Shaheen and the Caravanserai




Orison – Praying, Remembering

Hear my prayer, Lady, and remember me.

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The Slave Girl and the Storyteller

Akiowa remembers the Storyteller from her childhood, before she was abducted and enslaved, since the old woman walks from village to village telling stories through the magic of her spear.

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The Purple Demon

This is the story of a lord who mistook a diamond for a pebble, and threw it away.

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The Twelve

When a hundred thousand souls are screaming for your death, begging for your dismemberment, baying for your blood, most folk would feel intimidated. But we weren’t most folk. I glanced around the holding chamber. The flyer had mentioned a zodiac theme this year, and I wondered if they’d thought up that selling point before or after they’d gathered up these freaks.

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The First Colony

The First ColonyCould these first steps on an alien planet be the beginning of the first colony?

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Zodiac Eclipse

Zodiac EclipseRenowned bounty hunter Gertrude Jaeger is hot on the heels of infamous pirate Captain Brasidas, master of The Sun Dancer.

Only Brasidas has turned the tables on Gertrude and now her survival hangs in the balance.

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House of Witches

E.J. TettHouse of Witches is a twelve-part story written by British author E.J. Tett.

The House of Witches is the slang term for the Imagination Correction Facility. An institution designed to teach young girls how to use their special abilities; or at least that’s what it says in the brochure.

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