John Frochio

John A FrochioBorn in the middle of the twentieth century, John A. Frochio grew up and lives among the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania (in a little community called New Brighton) in the United States.  He loves living in the country while working in the city (Pittsburgh).  For a living, he designs, develops and installs computer automation systems for steel mills.

He is happily married since 1978 to Connie, homemaker, poet, retired nurse and pastoral studies student.  His daughter Toni is a flight attendant living in Florida.  They have put up with his strange ways for many years.

He has been a science fiction & fantasy fan for as long as he can remember and has loved writing for almost as long.  His publication credits are modest for now. In addition to his stories in Kraxon, he has stories in Pittsburgh’s PARSEC publications Triangulation 2003 and Triangulation Parch (2014), Mythaxis, Interstellar Fiction, Beyond Science Fiction, Twilight Times, Aurora Wolf & Liquid Imagination.

In 2012 he had an ebook of short stories published by Byrne Publishing called Large and Small Wonders.  Also he had a general fiction novel published in 2007 by Booklocker that he co-authored with Ken Bowers called Roots of a Priest.

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