Gary McKay

Gary McKay is a speculative fiction writer from Northern Ireland. He studied at the University of Ulster for four years, graduating with a first from a Bachelor of Arts in English and obtaining a Master of Research. He met a wolf on a skiing trip once; they don’t stay in touch. He also quit caffeine in 2018, but has no plans to quit his other major vice, book shopping.


He’s had stories published in Reflexion, Blowing Raspberries, The Purple Breakfast Review and Tidbits, and hopes many more publications will follow. One day, he might finally start writing novels. Gary can be found on Twitter at @garycmckay.

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Fairies Don’t Play Blackjack

Harry Holden stumbles through Ballykey Cemetery, blood gushing from his throat, chest heaving with sobs. Faster, faster! Gotta get away! He staggers into a clearing dominated by a hawthorn tree, its every detail rendered sinister by pale moonlight. Despite everything, he shivers at the sight of it, remembering his nana’s oft-repeated warning: … Continue reading

Nature’s Scorn

My second life began not far from where my first ended. I awoke with a noose around my neck, lying flat on the back of a cart beside dozens of corpses. They were bloated, ugly things of various shapes and sizes, not fit to be gazed upon by human eyes. … Continue reading