Story of the Year Award

KraxonLaunched in 2014, the Story of the Year award is a reader’s choice award from the general submissions published in Kraxon Magazine (those published on the first of each month).

Readers can cast up to three votes for their favourite stories out of the twelve eligible for the award for that year.

The winning author receives a cash prize of £100 GBP.

Story of the Year rules

Winning Stories

2021Juliana S Mills for The End of all Things

2020Helen French for Hickory Dickory Dock

2019Kerry Buchanan for The Armada Tree

2018Samuel Poots for The Glass-Eyed Girl

2017Samanda R. Primeau for Regarding Lily

2016Rosie Oliver for Cyber Control

2015Juliana S Mills for Ripped Away

2014Jo Zebedee for A Crime of Intelligence


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The End of all Things

* Winner of the 2021 Story of the Year Award * All in all, the end of the world turned out to be a little disappointing. Elodie had expected something more dramatic. Spectacular explosions, perhaps, followed by a tunnel of light. She hadn’t even experienced her life flashing by in … Continue reading

Hickory Dickory Dock

* Winner of the 2020 Story of the Year Award * It was easier than I thought to teach Albert to run up the grandfather clock on command but much harder to get him to come down again at a decent speed. “Don’t overthink it,” I coaxed, as the mouse … Continue reading

The Armada Tree

* Winner of the 2019 Story of the Year Award * Long, long ago, at the time of the grievous slaughter when great oaks were hewn to build King Philip’s ships, we fell. We were ripe and ready, our silky skins darkening to chestnut brown as we nestled in our … Continue reading

The Glass-Eyed Girl

* Winner of the 2018 Story of the Year Award * When was your first? That is always what we ask one another. When and what? When in your life was that moment, the time that revealed the world to you and sent you scurrying under the bed sheets? When … Continue reading

Regarding Lily

* Winner of the 2017 Story of the Year Award * Ok, so I’m in this closet in the hospital. The vid’s kind of dark, but I don’t want to turn on the light because somebody might find me. And I have to find Lily first. I can’t go into … Continue reading

Cyber Control

* Winner of the 2016 Story of the Year Award * I am numb, paralysed from the neck down. Strangers over-ooze sympathy when they hear the word: quadriplegic. Family and friends avoid me, too embarrassed that they can stand on their own two feet. I hate this prison of false … Continue reading

Ripped Away

* Winner of the 2015 Story of the Year Award * George found the rip in the fabric of space on a Thursday morning, some time after elevenses. He leant over to throw away his empty packet of rich tea biscuits and there it was, a tiny hole hanging in … Continue reading

A Crime of Intelligence

* Winner of the 2014 Story of the Year Award * Prosecutor General Eve Marshall – the meanest cross-examiner in the courts of New Scotland. Eyes that glint when she goes for the kill, a mouth that tightens at every lie, a manner that pulls jurors in and makes them … Continue reading