Story of the Year 2015 Vote

Digital BookYour chance to vote for #KraxonStoryOfTheYear 2015.

Members of  Chronicles Science fiction and fantasy community have three votes, which must be cast at the same time. votes cannot be added later.

The voting closes at 23:59 GMT on the 20th of December​.

Please use the Chronicles poll to cast your votes.

You may vote for three of the following stories. Listed in publication order.

Strong Arms to HoldStrong Arms to Hold

Jo Zebedee


The Moon and her Maiden by Juliana S MillsThe Moon and her Maiden

Juliana S Mills


The Gypsy by Nathan HystadThe Gypsy

Nathan Hystad


Report on the Testing of PK563217M by Martin OwtonReport on the Testing of PK563217M

Martin Owton


Why I Hate the Seaside by E.J. TettWhy I Hate the Seaside

E.J. Tett


An Aberration of Apparitions by John FrochioAn Aberration of Apparitions

John Frochio


Ripped AwayRipped Away

Juliana S Mills


Flame of Desire by Rosie OliverFlame of Desire

Rosie Oliver



Martin Clark


The Nymph Of Hampstead HeathThe Nymph Of Hampstead Heath

Jo Zebedee


A Healing Touch By Kerry BuchananA Healing Touch

Kerry Buchanan


The Stormchaser By DG JonesThe Stormchaser

DG Jones

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