Reproduction of content

Digital BookIf Kraxon Publishing has provided, or where you have translated these terms, the English terms shall take precedence where there is a contradiction.

Reproduction of any story or article in its entirety without prior express written permission is forbidden.

For herein, content refers to any story or article published on Kraxon Magazine.

Partial reproduction of content is allowed under the following terms and conditions. Your use of any content constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Any use of the content must always, and with no exception, include a visible and non-obscured link to the content source on Kraxon Magazine.

The use of any images from Kraxon Magazine, even images associated with the content is forbidden.

The first four hundred characters (not four hundred words) of the content may be reproduced on a website or in an app either manually or automatically for non-commercial or commercial purposes provided your use of the content is freely accessible to the public.

This means your website must not be behind a paywall or an app must be free to download, or there must be free versions on which the content also appears.

Providing the content on a website behind a paywall or on non-free app only requires prior agreement and payment of a license fee.

Any adverts you place alongside the content must be a sufficient distance from the content as to not obscure or confuse an association with the content. No adverts may be placed in-line with the content as to break the text.

Misleading adverts which attempt to take credit for the content or which attempt to fool readers to click on the advert instead of the content source link cannot be displayed along with the content.

The content published on Kraxon Magazine is licensed to Kraxon Publishing by the authors from date of publication. Kraxon Publishing grants you a non-exclusive revocable license to use the first four hundred characters (inclusive of spaces, punctuation etc…) of the content only.

Kraxon Publishing may revoke this license for whatever reason we see fit, and we do not need to disclose that reason to you. You must remove the content from the services we identify to you no later than thirty days from being notified by us.

If you receive a legal claim about the content this is your responsibility to deal with and you agree to indemnifying Kraxon Publishing. We include this clause as you are only including a small fraction of the content and are including links to the content source. Because of this, the claimant would already know you are not the publisher of the content and is most likely making a claim against you for some other reason.

If we find, or have been notified, that you have breached these terms and conditions we may, depending on the severity of the breach, charge you a backdated license fee for the period in which the breach occurred as well as an administration fee. We may give you an opportunity to correct the breach and bring your use of the content in line with these terms and conditions and continue to use the content, or we may revoke this license from you.

Revocation of the non-exclusive license prevents you from future use of any Kraxon Publishing content without prior written permission until such time as Kraxon Publishing sees fit.

These terms and conditions cannot be overridden by your own terms and conditions.

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