Samanda R. Primeau

Samanda R. PrimeauSamanda R. Primeau (it’s pronounced “Sam” – the rest is silent) is a jack-of-all-trades (or rather, jill) who has been, at one time or another, everything from a country radio DJ to a poker dealer to a pet store manager, but hopes to be just a writer when (if) she grows up.

Sam’s first published short story can be found in the Malevolence – Tales From Beyond the Veil anthology by Tickety Boo Press. She considers herself a science fiction writer, but for some reason mostly writes horror and mysteries. Forthcoming in the next ten years or so is her cozy mystery series about a pet store manager who solves mysteries on the side. She also works as a freelance copy editor. Sam, that is, not the mystery-solving pet store manager.

Sam lives in Colorado with her husband, two children and two dogs, where she practices hobbies of crocheting, reading, and complaining about the weather, which is required by law in Colorado. She can generally be found on, under the name of TheDustyZebra.


The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel by Woodbridge Press

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